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Created in July 2015, by Frédéric Cournil-Jones (fred@devops.pm) , IT Manager in a french company in retail, after contributing in workshops during devopsdays Amsterdam where the DevOps notion became real : think, communicate, code, build, run, think, communicate, code, build, run, …



As a manager I need to understand how to contribute to the integration of DevOps in our company , how to understand my architect, developpers and sysadmin, and how I help them to become a DevOps team with DevOps behaviours .

Doing this, I would like to share how i will grow up in this DevOps world

Hope you enjoy this website and succeed in your learning experience about DevOps or BizDevOps !

When I meet DevOps , I understand i was in the right place devopsdaysFred500Thanks DevOpsDays (and thanks to my boss who paid the flight)



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