Starting DevOps with a simple Pipeline on AWS

Step 1 – Create a AWS S3 bucket :

Step 2 – Download file in dist repository on GitHub :

Step 3 : file name :

Step 4 :Upload this file on your S3 bucket

Step 5 : Create AWS ECS Linux instances :

clic on launch , use the free Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM)

Step 6 : create an IAM profil for your Amazon EC2

Step 7 : when creating the EC2 instance put this code

#!/bin/bash yum -y update yum install -y ruby yum install -y aws-cli cd /home/ec2-user aws s3 cp s3://aws-codedeploy-us-east-2/latest/install . –region us-east-2 chmod +x ./install ./install auto

Step 8 : Launch instance

Step 9 : Verify codepipeline is running :
sudo service codedeploy-agent status

Step 10 : Create a codedepoy

Open the console

create a deployment group

Step 11 : Create your first pipeline !!

Connect to the AWS Management Console and open the CodePipeline console

create a pipeline and follow the instructions

let’s play : source and deploy … after add step build !


You have successfully created a pipeline that retrieved this source application from an Amazon S3 bucket and deployed it to three Amazon EC2 instances using AWS CodeDeploy.

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