EASY DEPLOY on distelli.com ( FREE PLAN)

This example illustrate some steps to deploy on distelli.com  https://www.distelli.com/

I ve choosen a simple PHP app

First creat an account on distelli.com (a FREE PLAN account for :

  • 2 Servers
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Unlimited Releases
  • Email Support

After sign in , you will be ask for a fisrt EASY DEPLOY experience

installing the client

curl -sSL https://www.distelli.com/download/cli/setup | sh

copying the app from git

git clone https://github.com/Distelli/PHPUbuntuPSimpleApp.git ~/distelli/sample_apps/PHPUbuntuPSimpleApp && sed -i.orig "s/<username>/xxxxxx/g" ~/distelli/sample_apps/PHPUbuntuPSimpleApp/distelli-manifest.yml && cd ~/distelli/sample_apps/PHPUbuntuPSimpleApp

where xxxxxx is your distelli username

installing the agent on your server

curl -sSL https://www.distelli.com/download/agent/install | sh

deploying the app

distelli deploy -m "My fisrt sample deployment" -e PHPUbuntuPSimpleAppEnv -y


After that you will be able to manage your server and app on distelli.com

showing : standard output of your server , …statuts, …


To stop the agent :

sudo -i

dagent stop

And logout from client :

distelli logout



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